This is your starting point.

»Discover Germany« – You want to enter the German market.
These are
your goals:

You want to ...
  • be more international than before
  • gain access to the key market in Germany
  • have a clear increase in sales
  • have a transparent overview of all the required investments
  • define and minimize your risk
  • have short-term and clear help in your decision-making
These are
your problems:

You do not know ...
  • if your product is competitive in the German market
  • how the German market works
  • how one conducts technical business in Germany
  • how you overcome the bureaucratic hurdles
  • if you have the capacity to develop sales in Germany
  • if you have the know-how to take this step on your own

Over the next few pages you can read how to take the most important precautions to ensure your products sell successfully in Germany.
All of this in just four steps.