Decision phase

Creation of a market study –
Are you and your products competitive
in Germany?
The market study by
will answer the
following questions:
  • Is your product needed in Germany?
  • Market development / technological development
  • How big is the total market volume in Germany for your product?
  • What market segments exist for your product?
  • Which market segments should you look to serve?
  • How does the competition look?
  • What is the correct market price for your product?
The market study done by connect4automation
  • The results of a SWOT analysis:
    • - Strengths
    • - Weaknesses
    • - Opportunities
    • - Threats
  • Obstacle analysis:
    • - Competitor‘s patents
    • - Approvals
    • - Standards / norms
  • Representative test customers.

After this market research is completed you are better placed to make an informed decision about the likely success of your products on the market.